A Day Living in Southport

*Photo Source https://www.southport-nc.com/downtown-southport.html and https://www.ncbrunswick.com/islands-towns/southport/

What is an Idea Lifestyle

What is an ideal lifestyle? This concept can mean different things to a lot of people. You might say that it’s living in an area of your choosing and having a lot of options on how to spend each day. Others might claim that the ideal lifestyle involves no stress whatsoever. A day living in Southport, North Carolina involves all of this and more. Here are a few examples of what it’s like living in the happiest seaside town in America.

Bike Ride Along the Riverfront

Southport isn’t just your average beach town. It’s unique in that it runs along the banks of where the Cape Fear River mixes with the ocean. A bike ride down by the river is the perfect way to start your day with some light exercise and enjoy some fresh air. Best of all is that most destinations in town are reachable by bike, so you never have to ride too far.

*Photo source https://www.ncbrunswick.com/blog/post/let-southports-yacht-basin-reel-you-in-for-great-waterfront-dining/

A Day at Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island is a gem of the Lower Cape Fear region. It attracts thousands of visitors per year and has one of the oldest standing lighthouses in the state. The island also possesses a world-class golf course, quaint villages, and pristine white-sand beaches. All that’s needed to reach this coastal paradise is a short ferry ride near Southport. Whether you’re looking to play 18 holes, or spend a day exploring gorgeous maritime forests, a day trip to Bald Head Island is a great way to make the most of your Southport lifestyle. Be sure to pack your bags accordingly before boarding the ferry!

Dinner at Provision Company

So popular that it’s not uncommon to find a line of people waiting to get in, the Provision Company has been providing local fishermen with gear and patrons with fresh seafood for years. Some of their most popular dishes include their crab cakes, chicken sandwiches, and peel and eat shrimp! You will dine outdoors and view the Cape Fear River while eating. If you want the perfect way to wind down the day in Southport, The Provision Company is the place to be when living a day in Southport.

Dessert at Flava’s Ice Cream Shop

Located just across from The Provision Company is Flava’s Ice Cream Shop. A local favorite, this small establishment is an ideal way to add a little sweetness to your day while enjoying time spent by the water. Flava’s prides itself on its wide variety of original and unique flavors including death by chocolate, moose tracks, black cherry, coffee, and banana pudding. Patrons will also find a generous variety of special desserts like ice cream sandwiches, floats, shakes, and sundaes.

Grab a Drink at Silver Coast Winery

Another local stopover, Silver Coast Winery is the perfect place to wet your whistle with a variety of beer and house-made wine. First opened in May of 2002, Silver Coast Winery was started with one purpose in mind: to share the warmth of a drink with family and friends. To this day, you can feel that welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step onto the premises.

Spend Your Life Here

If this is what you could do in Southport for one day, imagine spending the rest of your life here! Living at The Home Place of Southport makes this possible. Take advantage of our Coastal Discovery Tour and see how spending your days in Southport can be the dream lifestyle you’ve always wanted.