Beach Boca Models Taking Shape

A Home Designed for Relaxation

The “Beach Boca” is a coastal paradise where the ocean breeze is cool, the sun is warm, and residents live every day like they’re on vacation. That’s the mentality that renowned builder ‘Premier Homes’ aimed to capture in their latest building project at The Home Place of Southport. Sturdy, attractive, and built to encourage a low maintenance lifestyle, the Beach Boca models are taking shape, and aspiring homeowners are excited about them!

Taking Shape

Watching a home from its beginning building phase to completion is a heartwarming series of moments. It’s a great opportunity to see the “skeleton” of a residence and reminisce on what the final product will look like. It evokes an excitement that is felt amongst our real estate team, our builders, and the aspiring residents.

Getting a Glimpse

Our VIP Preview Weekend in November was a way for aspiring residents of The Home Place to see these beautiful, brick, Beach Boca Models on display during construction. Each home had its exterior shell constructed, while the inside was taking form. During the preview, each model had photos inside depicting a staging of the final interior design to preview.

*Photo Attributed to The Home Place of Southport

About the Builder

Premier Homes is one of the most prolific expert builders in Southeastern North Carolina and has been constructing communities and homes for the past 30 years. With over 30 communities and 3,000 homes to their name, they’re a well-known staple of the homebuilding community. With time and experience, comes change and wisdom; and these Beach Boca models will come equipped with new technology such as electronic door locks, smart energy conservation systems, and thought out interior and exterior designs such as open floor plans, screened lanais, total lawn care, and full-brick construction. Why is all this important? It allows a lifestyle that takes less time to manage so residents can spend more time enjoying the Carolina coast. Premier Homes is known for their attention to detail and solid build quality. The Beach Boca Models were built to withstand the coastal weather on the outside and create years of wonderful seaside memories inside.

Excited for What’s to Come

Currently, two Beach Boca prototypes are being built at The Home Place of Southport. Both are accurate models of what to look forward to in the coming months. It won’t be long until one home follows another and then another, and before you know it the entire community will be established.

We’ve already had many families interested in the Beach Boca homes, and it’s easy to see why. Be sure to stay tuned for more news regarding these incredible homes and The Home Place of Southport on social media. Or you can contact our team at 833-939-3814