Oak Island NC

Just Minutes From Southport

Location is everything and The Home Place of Southport offers you everything within a few minutes from your door including the charming beaches of Oak Island and Caswell Beach.

Whether you go for a walk on the beach looking for treasures, or simply go sit on the beach to listen to the waves crash and the sounds of the coastal wildlife, there is nothing more soothing to the soul than a day at the beach.

The Oak Island Pier is just minutes from Southport.
Oak Island Pier

Oak Island

Oak Island is a classic family beach, uncrowded and timeless which will leave you feeling nostalgic. The vibe can only be described as quiet, laid-back, and family-friendly. Want to see an amazing sunset? We recommend visiting the Oak Island Pier to catch a memorable sunset or possibly your supper. Another great spot is the Oak Island Lighthouse. Built in 1958, the lighthouse is actually located at the tip of Caswell Beach.

Click Here to See a drone Tour of the Lighthouse view.
The Oak Island Lighthouse is a popular tourist destination.
Oak Island Lighthouse

Caswell Beach

Caswell Beach is the least populated of all the Brunswick Island beaches. The idyllic oat-fringed dunes and the sound of the surf will lull you into a peaceful state. It’s a great place to go and unwind. Here, enjoying nature is key. Do some surf-casting and reel in a fresh catch for dinner or simply relax on the beach and stroll at low tide and hunt for seashells. You can also rent a kayak to navigate the marsh creeks and Intracoastal Waterway.