Historic Homes in Southport

Home is Where the History Is

One of the most enamoring features of living in a historic town is the number of old homes that you can visit. The Southeastern seaboard of North Carolina has plenty of beautiful historic homes that are available to tour and sometimes purchase. Usually, one might think of Wilmington for viewing beautiful old structures, but Southport is filled with plenty of gorgeous historic homes as well.

Historic and Beautiful

The sounds of the Cape Fear River lapping peacefully upon the rocks, blue skies, the sight of bustling shops nearby, and a gorgeous coastal view as far as the eye can see; it’s no wonder why Southport was voted America’s happiest seaside town in 2015! Adorning the small streets and pathways alongside is a multitude of charming historic homes that come in all shapes and sizes. Considered a National Historic District, this town is considered one of the best examples of a Victorian-styled coastal town in the whole country.

Here are a few historic homes that are noteworthy in the local area.

*Photo attributed to https://thehomeplacenc.com/

*Photo Attributed to https://thehomeplacenc.com/

The Julius Newton House – This is a perfect home to visit if you’re thinking of a classic historic residence on the coast. Originally constructed in 1886 for a local river pilot, the Julius Newton Home has become synonymous with the historic charm that is found throughout Southport. The home can be seen from the waterfront overlooking the Cape Fear River. In 2005, this historic home was completely redone to modern specifications but still retains that classic look. This home is also quite the movie star, having been on camera in productions such asThe Secret Life of Bees and I Know What You Did Last Summer! This home is private and is not able to be toured.

The Brunswick Inn – Dating back to the early 1800s on 301 East Bay St, the old Brunswick Inn is one of the most recognizable historic residences in Southport. When you look at its square-jawed entrance, large pillars, and white wood face, you can almost see back in time to when weary travelers walked its halls. A mansion built in what is called the federal style, the inn originally had 30 or so rooms to board guests. The Brunswick Inn is still used to this day as a bed and breakfast where you can experience beautiful Cape Fear sunrises and a look back to a simpler time in coastal America. This is one historic home where visits are encouraged!

Captain Newton’s Home –

Another gorgeous historic home centered in the heart of Southport’s historic district is the home of Captain Walker Newton, another renowned river pilot. This home has been a pivotal part of the Southport Community since 1886. This home was chosen to fill the original 100 lots allowed for building in the town of Southport. To this day, you can see this masterpiece of Victorian architecture at 120 W Moore Street. Captain Newton’s home is also a bed and breakfast, so you are able to visit it and live the history for yourself.

Walker-Pyke House

Originally built by the Walker family in 1800, this building is counted as Southport’s oldest surviving home. The foundation that encircles the home is solid stone and is thought to be ballast originally used to balance sailing ships in the water. Constructed as a generous two-floor family home, the property was then purchased by W H. Pyke in 1889. To this day Mr. Pyke’s name and legacy are added to what the Walker family originally started. You can see the energy of the old Antebellum South when passing by this charming home. It adds to the historic theme of Old Southport that so many have fallen in love with. This home is not open to the public.

More Amazing Homes

There are even more amazing historic homes you can see in Southport. While many are private residences not open to public viewing, they are nevertheless beautiful examples of history! The next time you’re visiting Southport, consider spending your time looking for some of these wonderful old structures.