Low-Maintenance Homes in Southport

The less time needed on the lawn or general upkeep of a home, the more a homeowner can invest in enjoying their day-to-day life. Built by Premier Homes, the brick floor plans at the Home Place of Southport are designed from the ground up to redefine low-maintenance living on the Cape Fear coast.

A home is one of the biggest, if not the largest life investment that you could have. At the Home Place of Southport, our mission is to ensure our residents think less about maintaining their homes and more time living their lives.

What Makes These Homes Low-Maintenance?

Several factors determine if a home is considered low-maintenance or not. This includes building materials and landscaping. Here are two features that make our Beach Boca model, the perfect floor plan for your consideration.

Brick Construction – Durable and easy to care for, a brick home will easily last a lifetime of coastal memories. The material is weather-resistant, and gives superb protection against coastal elements like wind and salt. And after construction, it also protects a home better from heat and cold, as outside temperatures take longer to penetrate the interior.

Total Lawn Care – Your yard is one of the first impressions guests will have of your residence. The Home Place of Southport will provide the maintenance needed to keep the yard looking good year-round. Leave the mower behind when you take up residence here. Our total lawn care will ensures your back and front yards, and all our shared common areas, are kept looking pristine. We use the best professional landscapers.

What Does This Mean for You?

What does having a low-maintenance lifestyle provided by the Home Place of Southport mean for you as an aspiring homeowner? It means no worries, and unrestricted enjoyment of your time in Southeastern North Carolina. You can think of it as a lifelong vacation where your community has gone ahead and done a lot of the thinking for you.

Consider The Home Place of Southport Your Forever Home!

Living in a low-maintenance community allows you to experience all the perks of full homeownership without interruption. This is what life is like here in Southport. That’s the sort of ideal coastal living that the Home Place of Southport aims to create. This is your new personal paradise, worry-free and uninterrupted. To learn more about our homes, contact our team at 833.939.3814.