Silver Coast Winery

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The Perfect Place to Socialize

In the past, one of the main centers of recreation for any seaside port was the local tavern. Taverns provided a warm place to stay for traveling sailors and tradespeople, while also offering a place to drink and socialize. Today’s bars and breweries still serve the same purpose as the taverns of old. Silver Coast Winery’s Southport tasting room, provides Southport locals with a fantastic place to beat the summer heat, relax, watch a game, and try some of the best beer and wine you can find.

A History Born from Passion

Located on S. Howe Street just a block away from the waterfront, the Southport tasting room for Silver Coast Winery has been a fixture in the local eye for quite some time. The original location first began life due to owners Dr. “Bud” and Maryann Azzato’s passion for wine and sharing a good time with friends. After purchasing equipment from another winery that was going out of business in Massachusetts, they established their primary location in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Eventually, demand was high enough for them to establish a second tasting room located in the heart of downtown Southport.

Plenty of Wine

Due to the hot and humid climates down South, most growers are not able to create traditional wines in the European style. Instead, Southerners have come to rely on the sweet taste of Muscadine and Scuppernong grapes to make wine. The result is a wine that’s refreshing and perfect for the warm weather we’re accustomed to. Visitors to the Southport tasting room can wet their whistle with a delectable variety of local wines, all aged to perfection. The wines you’ll find featured here have won over 400 different awards both on the national and international scene.

Tasty Beers

But the Southport location of Silver Coast Winery isn’t just for wine lovers, it’s for beer aficionados too! There’s a sizeable taproom inside, featuring everything from Trappist beers like Chimay to local favorites like Edward Teach Brewery. There are items to try fresh from the tap or in bottles. Whatever your tastebuds prefer, you can guarantee the bartenders at Silver Coast Winery can find something that you’ll like.

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A Place That Feels Like Home

The inside of Silver Coast Winery’s tasting room at Southport is a great experience in itself. Inside you will find a plethora of merchandise to purchase, TVs for watching your favorite show, stools for sitting on, and a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at a friend’s house rather than a typical bar.

Visit Silver Coast Winery’s Southport Tasting Room

Overall, if you’re looking for a good time with fantastic beer and fine wine, Southport locals don’t have to look any further than Silver Coast Winery. It’s the perfect weekend stopover when you’re living the coastal life at the Home Place of Southport! Be sure to see their website and social media for their full menu.