Southport: A Bike Rider's Paradise

Southport: A Bike Rider’s Paradise

A Great Outdoor Activity Down South

Bike riding is a popular activity down South for a reason. The year-round mild weather allows people to get outside and stay active for longer periods, and bike riding is a great way for you to explore your local area while staying mobile. Bike riding is relaxing but can also be great exercise. With so many natural areas and waterfront vistas, Southport, North Carolina is a bike rider’s paradise.

Why Bike Riding? Why Homeplace?

The Home Place of Southport is the perfect community to settle down and enjoy a relaxing life by the Cape Fear River and engage in some bike riding excursions. Set near downtown Southport, The Home Place gives any resident superb access to the many natural areas set around the town. What better way to enjoy it all than on a nice spring bike ride? Even a casual outing around town is good for your health. Here are some basic benefits of cycling:

  • Elevated Mood
  • Improved Posture & Coordination
  • Increased Cardio Endurance
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Joint Mobility

If you love bike riding, then you’ll find that living at The Home Place of Southport will leave you with no shortages of destinations. Below are just a few locales where you can ride your bike:

Southport Waterfront

Winding along the rocky shores of the Cape Fear River, Southport Waterfront passes along a series of local landmarks such as The Provision Company Seafood Restaurant, the historic Brunswick Inn, several gorgeous historic homes, the Southport Fishing Pier, and Fort Johnston. This area is a great way to pedal your way to a good life while taking in breathtaking maritime views. Best of all, the waterfront provides easy access to the other parts of town.

Waterfront Park

A stop near the waterfront of Southport, Waterfront Park has paved areas that are perfect for riding your two-wheeler. Grassy areas are perfect for holding a picnic in the sun while watching pelicans and gulls dive into the river. Though not a nature preserve, Waterfront Park is the perfect stopover for your bike riding journey through the town of Southport.

Lowe-White Memorial Park

A quiet and sizeable tract of natural land on the northeastern edge of town, Lowe-White Memorial Park has plenty of oak-laden wooden areas and wooden boardwalks for you to ride through. This area is perfect for the bike rider who wants a more secluded space with plenty of opportunities to see local wildlife and foliage.

Other riding opportunities include:

  • Alvin C. Caviness Park
  • Franklin Square Park

Southport: A Bike Rider’s Paradise

Aside from dedicated parks and wooded areas, Southport itself has plenty of paths you can ride your bike on. Riding around town going from shop to eatery and back home again is a great way to spend your day, and The Home Place of Southport gives you easy access to plenty of cycling adventures.