Southport: A Town of Endless Enjoyment

Located alongside the mouth of the Cape Fear River, the town of Southport has long been known for its quaint coastal charm and presence in the film industry. With so many other seaside retreats nearby, you might ask what makes Southport, North Carolina, so special? Why would an aspiring homeowner want to move here? The reasons for doing so are plentiful and include a great waterfront, mild year-round climate, low cost of living, and a high amount of recreational activity. This makes Southport a town of endless enjoyment.

High Recreational Activity

Being so close to the water and in a pristine location with diverse geography, Southport is the perfect place to explore recreational activities of all sorts. Residents who love being on the water have easy access to boating, canoeing, and kayaking areas. Others might prefer holding a picnic in Franklin Square Park or engaging in a little fishing from Southport Pier. Whichever activity is on your mind, you can bet that Southport has a way to accommodate you. Here are just a few of the other activities you can engage in here:

  • Fishing
  • Kite Flying
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Daytime excursions to Bald Head and Oak Island
  • Bike Riding

Popular in Film

As the city of Wilmington is just upriver, Southport is also quite a popular setting in film and television. Productions like A Walk to Remember, Safe Haven, Dawson’s Creek, Matlock, and Under the Dome were all filmed here. And that strong tradition of film continues to this day. More than 40 productions have been produced in and around Southport due to its picturesque location. The abundance of activity in Southport speaks volumes about how desirable this town is.

Mild Year-Round Climate

Did you know that Southport ranks as North Carolina’s warmest town in North Carolina according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? That’s an extremely important plus for prospective homeowners looking to move to a new, warmer area. Winters here are mild and typically only drop as low as the mostly in the 40-degree Fahrenheit range. Summers in Southport are very warm, but with the Cape Fear River nearby residents often enjoy a cool breeze even during the hottest months. Southport generally averages over 100 sunny and clear days a year. And because the climate here stays warmer for longer, that means more time to enjoy activities outdoors.

Cost of Living

A lower cost of living is a big reason why transplants choose to move down South. Southport is no exception to this, as according to the national average cost-of-living reports, the cost to enjoy living here is lower than the national average by 1%.

Discover It Now

Imagine that, whenever friends or family asked, “Where do you live?” you’re able to show them a picture of a sunrise over the Cape Fear River. If you feel that this is something you could get used to, then Southport is the town for you. And perfect coastal lifestyles start at The Home Place of Southport. Consider traveling down and experiencing it all for yourself!