Summer Progress at the Home Place

Steady Progress Toward Completion

As the summer season continues onward, the Home Place of Southport heads toward completion at a steady pace. Driving towards the town of Southport you can already make out a site for the community where land has been cleared and primed for construction of the finest brick homes you’ll see this side of the Cape Fear River. More progress has been made over the past few weeks, and we’re excited to share it!

Taking Shape

The great excitement with any new community being developed is slowly watching the proposed concepts come to fruition. From paper to foundation, the Home Place of Southport is taking shape into becoming one of the finest gated enclaves in Southeast Brunswick County. Here’s a little bit about what has been done so far.

Ready For Progress In Building

The land has been completely cleared away to make room for beautiful streets and homes, and the outline of some of these homes has already been marked. Pipes for plumbing and the internal workings of each home have also begun to be placed in the ground. Cables are being laid out under the ground, and you can visibly see where each home will be placed. A curb has already been laid to assist with water drainage for the neighborhood, and the ground has been compacted and flattened into the main road. Property lines have been identified and corralled in and cinderblocks have been placed, meaning that homebuilding is well underway and will continue throughout the summer. Over the next couple weeks, the storm water system will get certified, street signs will be installed, and the streets will be paved. The front entrance will be landscaped as well, creating a welcoming site for future residents and visitors.

Natural Surroundings

In addition to the land being prepared for the first model homes, it’s also noteworthy to notice how a lot of the original surrounding forests have been kept intact. The Home Place of Southport is going to be a community surrounded by the locale’s natural beauty. This community will be tucked away enough for a quiet and relaxed lifestyle, but close enough to engage in plenty of activities.

Gorgeous Brick Homes

Once concrete starts being poured and foundations are laid out, you can count on gorgeous brick homes filling the entire area. Built to specification by Premier Homes, these residences will be attractive and sturdy on the outside, while the inside is equipped with plenty of smart-living features. These will include electronic locks, efficient HVAC units, and wide hallways.

Keep an Eye Out

As quality unfolds overtime, The Home Place of Southport is progressing nicely into the exclusive neighborhood that Premier Homes has worked hard to envision. Many aspiring residents have already begun signing up to take the first lots available. If enjoying the perfect balance of activity and pleasure on the coast sounds like the dream life you’ve been missing out on, consider keeping an eye on this soon-to-be community!