The Truth about Life in Southport

Southport, NC is known for its small-town charm and maritime history.  A popular destination for vacationers and the movie industry, the town’s natural beauty, historic downtown, picturesque waterfront, and proximity to area beaches are just a couple of the many draws to Southport. However, Southport has much more to offer than just a gorgeous coastal vacation setting as many people have chosen it as their perfect relocation destination for retirement. Check out some of the misconceptions some may carry about life in Southport, and see if it may be the right place for you!

Misconception: Southport is just a Vacation Town

Truth: Southport is a popular full-time residence destination as well!

While the area’s events, proximity to the beach and charming scenery of Southport do attract those in search of a coastal getaway, Southport is not just a vacation town. With a population of over 4,300 people in the town of Southport, there is a large community of full-time residents.  After all, who wouldn’t want to experience the slow pace and picturesque beauty of a “vacation town” full-time? Many have found their perfect full-time residence in Southport, North Carolina enjoying the small town charm and slow pace of life while finding plenty to do in this Coastal town.

Misconception: Southport is a Small Town, There’s Not Much to do Here

Truth: Southport is always Buzzing with Local Events, Activities and Things to Do

While Southport may be considered a small town, it’s brimming with activity year-round. In addition to exploring the boutiques in Historic Downtown, enjoying a cold beverage and the freshest seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants, or exploring the coastal nature by kayak or paddleboard, Southport hosts a variety of area events for your enjoyments. In the fall, Southport host the Annual Wooden Boat Show where participants come to show off their craftsmanship, and guests come to admire the gorgeous boats, learn about the marine industry, and enjoy music, food and activities that the whole family will enjoy. Every Winter, there is an entire week referred to as “Winterfest” filled with activities such as a Storefront Showcase, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Candy Cane Garden Party, Cookie Contest and more. The most exciting part may be the Southport Winterfest Flotilla!  The Southport Spring Festival occurs every Spring, a tradition that has run for over 28 years, that features a variety of activities, food vendors, music and more. However, the biggest event of the year is the North Carolina 4th of July Festival! The patriotic American spirit can be celebrated in Southport, and this cherished event has grown to bring over 40,000 people to town each year for the celebrations. Established in 1972, the NC 4th of July Festival honors our nation’s birthday through a delightful experience of tradition and merriment. In addition to these larger events, there are plenty of reoccurring events in Southport as well, such as Farmers Markets, Local Concerts, involvement opportunities and more!

Misconception: For Necessities and Conveniences, I’ll have to travel to Wilmington or Myrtle Beach

Truth: You’ll Find Necessities, Conveniences and Entertainment all right within Southport!

An important part of choosing where to live is proximity to things that are important to you. For many, the first thing that comes to mind is their health. Dosher Memorial Hospital is located right within Southport, so you can have peace of mind in case of an emergency. Their team of over 300 team members show up every day with the commitment to quality care for every patient that comes through their doors. If shopping is an important past time for you, you’ll find a wide variety of shops and boutiques Downtown. There is also a Walmart, multiple Home Improvement stores, and a variety of grocery stores in Southport including Lowes Food, Food Lion and several local establishments. If you’re thinking of an evening out, restaurants to choose from are plentiful! Whether looking for a restaurant with a view, fine dining, delicious burgers, or simply just a margarita or glass of wine, there’s a perfect option for that in Southport.

Still have questions about life in Southport? We encourage you to come check out our area for yourself! We’d love to give you a tour of our community at The Home Place of Southport and answer all of your questions about life in this beautiful town!