What Makes an Ideal Coastal Home Design

Going Beyond Build-Quality

Building a great home is more than construction materials or build quality! While you want a dream home to be built to last, a lot of homeowners may not always realize how important the aesthetic or design of the said residence is. Design determines the color, interior layout, outdoor spaces, and so much more. Geographical location also determines how a home will be designed! Joelle Ando, the designer with builder Premier Homes, takes some time to talk to us about what makes an ideally designed coastal home.

A Lot of Options for a Variety of Tastes

Different homeowners will inevitably have a variety of tastes when it comes to what they consider a “dream home.” While most modern homes are generally based on an accepted or predetermined floor plan, it’s important that builders offer aspiring homeowners finishing options with design assistance. Both parties will share pride and joy of a home that is built well and is attractive on the interior and exterior.

Less is More

Design trends have constantly changed throughout the years. In modern homebuilding, however, experts like Joelle Ando will advocate that less is more. “It’s all about minimalism, clean lines, and light colors,” she says. Modern coastal homes will often possess a lot of white or off-white coloring with minor contrasts. The ideal coastal home will take aspects of older design favorites and freshen them with new elements like an updated color scheme.

Color Yourself Impressed

Premier Homes offers its clients many different neutral color palates, including white, off-white, and grey. “This gives the client a good foundation to work from,” says Joelle. For coastal homes that feature wood grain exteriors, the ideal design is to have a white oak or “light washed” look.

Interior Design Features

Interior features and extra add-ons are what grab someone’s attention nowadays. This includes mixing different types of metal for hardware and premium outdoor living areas. “What I hear from most clients is the desire for natural light and outdoor spaces.” Premier Homes is well-known for offering screened-in Lanai’s standard in all their Beach Boca home models. This includes the stylish brick homes currently being built at the Home Place of Southport.