Paddling Into Summer Fun

Kayaking: Fit While Having Fun

Did you know that in 2020, approximately 18.12 million people in the United States participated in Kayaking? It’s a shocking number, but when you think about it, it’s not all that surprising! Kayaking is a fantastic way to keep active, stay fit, and have fun at the same time. And there’s no place better to Kayak during summer than coastal Carolina. With the numerous waterways, channels, rivers, and salt marshes near Home Place of Southport, there are many hotspots are waiting to be explored.

A Storied History

Kayaking might be one of the most popular waterborne activities in recent years, but it’s far older than you would suspect. The very first Kayaks date back 5,000 years ago and were used by native tribes such as the Inuit and Aleut people. Nowadays, Kayaks are made from durable plastics and manmade materials for strength and buoyancy. The originals were constructed of whatever materials could be found such as animal skins or wood. Kayaks were the perfect tool to travel swiftly across the water and reach areas you couldn’t normally over land. That purpose remains intact today, but for a more recreational reason.


Closeness to the water determines a lot of lifestyle choices here in Southport, North Carolina. From fishing to boating, the Cape Fear River and the nearby Atlantic Ocean provide plenty of sport for an active lifestyle here at the Home Place of Southport. If you have a calling for some adventure, then Kayaking is the perfect way to get outside, be on the water, and explore new areas. Here are some of the best Kayaking spots around the Southport locale.

Cape Fear River

Cape Fear River is one of the best spots for a paddling adventure. The mouth of the river is wide with several smaller islands nestled in the water. Alongside the town of Southport, there are also several areas of brackish water (a mix of salt and fresh) that lead into marshes, bogs, and other small areas perfect for Kayaking.

Dutchman Creek

Just South of Southport lies Dutchman Creek, a small cutaway from the Intracoastal Waterway that leads into the Elizabeth River. Dutchman Creek is a large area that carves through an island of marshes leading out to Oak Island. Along this watery path, you can find several small tributaries that are just the right size for slipping a Kayak through.

Smith Island

Home to the Bald Head Island Nature Preserve, Smith Island has over a century of nautical history behind it. History aside, there are a lot of marshes, canals, and sawgrass fields to paddle around. Buzzard Bay and the surrounding channels are great for fishing and just about anything you can think of involving a Kayak! With the gorgeous maritime oak forest of Bald Head Island in the distance and Old Blady overlooking the water, it’s truly a picturesque coastal paradise.

Looking for a little professional guidance in finding the perfect kayaking spot or looking to rent gear? There are plenty of local companies that can get you equipped and booked with a tour:

Kayaking is a Great Way to Play

Next time you’re looking for an activity that’s relaxing and yet invigorating, try Kayaking in the lower Cape Fear Region. It’s great exercise and a fantastic way to take in natural beauty.