Rita Berlin: Elated to Go Coastal

Excited for a Move

Much of the excitement in the relocation process comes from moving to a new geographical area with its own culture, points of interest, and brand of lifestyle. Embracing a locales lifestyle is usually the motivator for relocation. Just ask one of The Home Place of Southport’s newest soon-to-be residents, Rita Berlin!

A lot of serious deliberation usually takes place when considering relocating. Packing up, listing your home, and traveling to a completely different state or region in the country is no simple matter. But for folks like Rita Berlin, it’s something more than “moving.” For her, it’s been an opportunity to seize her dreams and the lifestyle she’s always wanted.

Rita Berlin – Loves the Feel of Being Coastal

The first thing that Rita values about The Home Place is the genuineness of the area and the ideal location. “The people are caring and genuine, the ‘feel’ of the area, the relaxing atmosphere, and environment, the proximity to the ocean where it is the ONLY place I am truly at peace,” she states. “Coastal Carolina is beyond a relaxing environment and atmosphere, from the people to the businesses, to the water. Everything water is mine, and being near water (mainly the ocean) is what brings me total peace, so why not?”

Wanting More for Her Lifestyle

Originally from Virginia, Rita felt that there was a crucial element missing from her lifestyle. There must be an environment where she could have more opportunities to live life to the fullest. The greater Southport area caught her eye because of its rich history and quaint nature, “What is there not to love about the town of Southport? It is quaint, rich in history, the local businesses and shops, the people are caring and kind, and knowing that the Cape Fear River runs to the Intracoastal which leads to the ocean,” Rita adds.

To help her fully enjoy the coastal lifestyle she’s been dreaming of Rita is excited to settle into her low-maintenance lifestyle at The Home Place of Southport. “The low-maintenance lifestyle is the right fit for me so that I can enjoy life without worrying about outside home maintenance, yard work, etc. So that I can enjoy the rich history of the area, the quaint shops in downtown Southport, and being close to the water!”

For Rita, it’s difficult to explain just how happy this new upcoming chapter in her life has made her feel because it’s a path she has chosen for herself and her benefit. “I am beyond excited to begin this new chapter,” she says. “To move to the Home Place and feel at peace on so many levels are what already makes me feel happy, and my home isn’t even finished. To be able to live at the “elbow” of NC, where I can get to downtown Southport in 1.5 miles, and the ocean 5 miles away is amazing. I have absolutely no regrets in this new chapter, because of the people and their care, empathy, and genuineness. So much more than everyone doing so much more than ‘just their job.’”

Welcome, Rita!

Rita describes her choice to relocate to The Home Place of Southport as the best decision she’s made. It’s stories like hers that make you realize it’s not only about buying or building a new home. You’re helping someone achieve something important to them and sharing their personal story. Our team is ecstatic to have you as a part of our Home Place family, Rita!