Southport: More Than Just Seafood

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Delicious Options Await You

Usually, when one thinks of Southport, they’re imagining fresh blue crab legs with drawn butter, golden fried flounder, or perhaps a basket of hushpuppies to wash it down.  And they would be right because Southport is the perfect place to feast on fish and shellfish. But while seafood is what Southport is famous for, it’s not the only thing you can find here. Plenty of establishments offer delicious options that range from steak to baked goods. Here are some places you can visit that proves Southport is more than just seafood.

Oliver’s On the Cape Fear:

With a view overlooking the river of its namesake, Oliver’s is a great place to dine while viewing the waterfront. Now, we know what you’re thinking here, “Oliver’s is a seafood restaurant, isn’t it?” Well, think again, because while Oliver’s indeed has a lot of seafood options, they haven’t forgotten about other well-known entrees. Oliver’s On the Cape Fear has an excellent center-cut filet mignon with mashed potatoes, a slow-roasted prime rib with au jus, a rib-eye, and a savory fettuccini alfredo. You don’t have to order a seafood dish to enjoy a delicious meal at Oliver’s.

The Saucy Southerner:

Hold on to your appetite because this next establishment is going to get a little saucy! First founded in 2020, The Saucy Southerner specializes in serving up delicious comfort food just like your ma used to make. Instead of focusing solely on seafood, The Saucy Southerner does everything from loaded omelets and grits to goat burgers, crepes, salads, and cheese blintzes! These are rich and hearty offerings that will make you full and keep you coming back for more. Here are just a few of their delicious options.

  • Not Your Mama’s BLT
  • Patty Melt
  • The Saint George Veggie Chicken Sandwich
  • Kick’n Chick’n Wrap
  • Grilled Biscuits and Gravy

If you’re looking to fill yourself up with a large helping of Southern comfort food classics, you certainly want to stop by The Saucy Southerner. Best of all they serve breakfast and lunch.

Burney’s Bakery:

Though not an exclusively local establishment, Burney’s Bakery is still an excellent option for anyone in Southport looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth. Co-founded in 2011 by Thomas and Doris Burney, Burney’s Bakery focuses on family and creating sweet memories with others. Burney’s starts with fresh ingredients to make their creations every day. Their selection includes glazed croissants, cupcakes, full-sized cakes, lemon bars, cookies, cream horns, tiramisu, and cannoli. Few things are better after a relaxing day out on the town than winding down with a pastry with fresh coffee, and Burney’s has that in spades.

Give These Locations a Try

Though fresh fish is a large part of Southport’s cultural identity, the town has more than just seafood. Next time you decide to have a day out and about, consider these locations when you’re in the mood for something a little different.