The Southport Ferry: A Riverside Icon

Coastal Convenience

Being a coastal town right on the borders of where the mighty Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean meet, there’s plenty of water to use as a mode of transportation in Southport. Travel between New Hanover and Brunswick County may seem a bit perplexing if you don’t have a boat of your own, but connecting Southport with Wilmington isn’t an issue when you use the Southport/Fort Fisher Ferry!

Another Way to Cross

For most coastal Carolinians, the main point of connection over the Cape Fear River is the Memorial Bridge. Residents of Southport, however, have another convenient option to make their way over the river in style. The Southport Ferry has been shepherding vehicles and locals between Fort Fisher and Southport since 1965. It was originally designed to link routes NC 211 and US 421 and give tourists easy access between attractions at the Mouth of the Cape Fear River, such as Bald Head Island. Decades later it’s still one of the easiest ways for coastal Carolinians to move between two of the largest growing counties in Southeastern North Carolina.

A Local Icon

The Southport Ferry is a unique form of transportation and is one of two ferries that run in southeastern North Carolina (the other being the Bald Head Island Ferry). Aside from being practical, getting a chance to ride the ferry is an experience that gives you a sense of excitement and adventure. This boat is what is known as a “roll on roll off” ferry, where passengers can drive their vehicles onto the platform. After your vehicle is secure, you’re able to exit your vehicle and walk around the ferry while it’s enroute. Dogs are allowed on the ferry so long as they are leashed or remain in your vehicle with you. This is a perfect opportunity for you to take in all the sights, as the journey between Southport and Fort Fisher is incredibly scenic. While riding the ferry you will be able to take in sights such as the earth mounds of Fort Fisher, Price’s Creek Lighthouse, and several small islands and marshes that dot the shores of the river.

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A Unique Coastal Experience

An average ferry ride from these two locations is about 30 minutes, providing you with a cost-effective and time efficient way to get from point A to point B. Why is this so important? Because the ferry is a fantastic gateway and access point to and from New Hanover and Brunswick County! Whether you’re looking to make your way to Bald Head Island, have lunch by the water, or looking to catch a show at Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington, this ferry is convenient and fun!

If you’re living at The Home Place of Southport and looking for other options to explore Southeastern North Carolina, the Southport and Fort Fisher Ferry is something that must be experienced at least once. Be sure to keep track of the local schedule and see for yourself why this local mode of transportation has become such an icon.

Located At:

1650 Ferry Rd

Price: Typical Vehicle Costs $7