Silver Coast Winery Silver Coast Winery

*Image Attributed to Andrew Sherman, The Perfect Place to Socialize In the past, one of the main centers of recreation for any seaside port was the local tavern. Taverns provided a warm place to stay for traveling sailors and tradespeople, while also offering a place to drink and socialize. Today’s... Read More

Summer Progress at the Home Place Summer Progress at the Home Place

Steady Progress Toward Completion As the summer season continues onward, the Home Place of Southport heads toward completion at a steady pace. Driving towards the town of Southport you can already make out a site for the community where land has been cleared and primed for construction of the finest brick... Read More

Paddling Into Summer Fun Paddling Into Summer Fun

Kayaking: Fit While Having Fun Did you know that in 2020, approximately 18.12 million people in the United States participated in Kayaking? It’s a shocking number, but when you think about it, it’s not all that surprising! Kayaking is a fantastic way to keep active, stay fit, and have fun at... Read More

Why You Should Visit “Old Baldy” Why You Should Visit “Old Baldy”

Standing Tall Proud, tall, and rich with historic significance, the Bald Head Island Lighthouse is a major focal point of the Cape Fear Region. It’s the oldest lighthouse still standing in the state of North Carolina. “Old Baldy” has seen its fair share of conflicts, ships, and visitors. It’s considered one... Read More

10 minutes from the Beach 10 minutes from the Beach

The Coastal Side of Life What’s better than kicking back and knowing you live in Southeastern North Carolina. A place that’s home to some of the best beaches in the nation? How about the fact that there are several incredible locations just minutes away from your front door? Imagine getting up... Read More

On the Horizon: The Home Place of Southport On the Horizon: The Home Place of Southport

Up And Coming These days, thousands of prospective homeowners are making the move to Southeastern North Carolina. If you’ve been searching for the ideal spot to live near the water, then we have a place for you. The Home Place of Southport is an upcoming gated coastal community. It’s just minutes... Read More

Raising the Bar: Joelle Ando of Premier Homes Raising the Bar: Joelle Ando of Premier Homes

Building Something More When a prospective homeowner is in the market for something new, a home needs to be special. The product needs to be head and shoulders above the competition. Homebuilding needs to be rooted in meeting the needs of real people looking to live their best lives. Likewise, Premier... Read More

Southport Summer Events Southport Summer Events

Great Times in the Summer Sun Summer in Southport is always a great time! From Fourth of July fireworks to car shows by the Cape Fear River, you can guarantee there’s going to be plenty of fun for all ages in the coming months. Here are a few of the Southport... Read More

Local Southport Waterbirds Local Southport Waterbirds

Teeming With Life Our local coastal environment is more than just a beautiful view, it’s a haven for numerous species of birds, fish, and other creatures! Sometimes it helps to take a walk through certain natural areas and stop for a moment. Then observe the variety of wildlife that can be... Read More

Southport: On Camera Southport: On Camera

Famous in Film Lights, camera, action! Wilmington, North Carolina, has always been revered for being a center of artistic expression. What you may not know is that just downriver, the town of Southport is just as well-known on camera! Now, there’s a brand-new dark comedy being brewed within the coming year,... Read More