Southport: Romantic and Charming

A Special Time of Month

As Valentines Day quickly approaches, many are beginning to think of gifts to give that special someone in their lives! But sometimes the most thoughtful gift you can give is simply sharing in the beauty of where you live. The town of Southport, North Carolina is romantic and endlessly charming. From the sunsets over the Cape Fear River to walking along quaint streets filled with shops, Southport’s dreamy ambiance is sure to have you falling in love!

Instead of going wild on the chocolates, flowers, and humor gifts this month, try looking around you! One of the most attractive things about Southport is that it has the boundless charm of a small coastal town but with plenty to see and do. It’s the perfect place to settle with your sweetheart and enjoy an evening of romance. What better place for special memories than a town with…

A Breathtaking Waterfront

Whether you’re starting a romantic day in the town or walking home along the waterfront from a great dinner, a view of the Cape Fear River is always breathtaking. One of the most well-known waterfronts in Southeastern North Carolina, the Southport Waterfront is lined with historic homes and decades of nautical history. In addition, there are plenty of top-class restaurants and eateries right on the water like ‘Fishy Fishy Café’ and ‘Oliver’s’ on the Cape Fear. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a legendary sunset over the water.

Restaurants and Shops

From art galleries to antiques and candy barrels, Southport is well known for its local shopping scene. Complete with mom-and-pop stores and bodegas, the perfect gift for someone special lies right under your nose. These tiny original shops are also a great way to spend your special day immersed in the local culture of the area. When you’ve finally shopped until you drop, you can walk over to the many fantastic bars and restaurants for a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking to spend time at a café or something a little fancier, Southport has you covered for a romantic day to remember.

*Photo Attributed to Gerry Dincher, Flickr

Explore Southport

Looking to spot local waterbirds and wildlife in the surrounding marshes? Want to go kayaking in the numerous channels and tributaries surrounding the area? Want to walk along and see which historic homes are amongst the oldest in town? Looking to spot famous filming locations from past movies and TV shows? Though small, Southport has many personalities to share and offers plenty of adventures for those looking to make memories with their loved ones. There are very few towns quite like it on the East Coast. Spend some time this month making your days with someone extra special.